The Adana Agency was founded in 1922 by Donald Aspinall and achieved great success selling its unique printing presses around the world to hobby printers and commercial companies alike. Sadly as computerisation spread across the globe the popularity of letterpress declined and the fortunes of the company waned until Caslon® Limited purchased the Adana® company in 1987.

Caslon Limited continues to supply the 8 x 5 printing machine through a unique refurbishment programme that utilises original parts.

In 2017, interest in Letterpress had reignited again and production of a new 8 x 5 machine, the Adana 85C which is capable of printing with greater pressures than the original machines commenced.

Adana still manufactures and supplies refurbished and new presses along with everything needed to create beautiful letterpress printing on an Adana. For beginners we offer Starter Kits which include everything needed for your first steps in letterpress printing.

Letterpress printing is making a comeback not only with print buffs but with people who want something different. It certainly can’t be mistaken for a photocopy or a lazerprint and therefore provides a degree of security. It has its own distinctive look and feel. It was the process that started the communications revolution and it continues to entice the design community to push the process to even greater heights.

When you have seen good letterpress printing you will realise it leaves a lasting impression in more ways than one. Why not try for yourself?