Adana® HS No 3 Machine Refurbished

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Adana® HS No 3 Machine Refurbished

Refurbished Adana HS No 3 Vertical Letterpress Printing Machine

An Original HS No 3 machine that has been stripped back to parts, vapour blasted, spray painted and refurbished through our factory.
The No3 machine is a more robust model than the refurbished 8x5 machine and can handle some debossing.
These machines were originally developed to print onto paper up to beer mat thickness. It is the ideal small press for producing Invitation Cards, Greetings Cards, Menus, Place Cards, Business Cards, Social Stationery, Flyers, Labels, Envelopes, Napkins, Beer Mats, name it!

Each machine comes complete with:-

  • 1 New Steel Chase.
  • 1 pair new High Definition Rubber Inking Rollers.
  • 1 set new Roller Runners with locking screws.
  • 1 Lay Gauge, complete.
  • 1 Gauge Pin fitted.
  • 1 Gripper Arm with 1 long and 1 short Gripper Finger.
  • Full Operating Instructions.
  • Technical Support & Back up.

In addition, we can supply you with a great range of new and used lead type, type cases, cabinets and all the letterpress sundries you will ever require! Also to compliment this, we offer mounting bases for plates and complete Photopolymer Plate making systems. Then depending upon what you want to produce, we can recommend a starter kit to suit your individual requirements. Plus help, advice and instruction from qualified and experienced personnel is always on hand!

Experience the tactile satisfaction of producing good letterpress printing!

Brand: Adana
Condition: Refurbished
Product Code: AMOMO106
Weight: 35kg