AdanaLite UV Negative & Photopolymer Platemaker

£222.00 (inc. VAT)
AdanaLite UV Negative & Photopolymer Platemaker
AdanaLite UV 2219 Negative & Photopolymer Platemaker, 240v (max plate size 220 x 190mm)
  • Uses pressure instead of vacuum to make contact with the negatives and polymer plates.
  • Exposure area 220 x 190mm with a 15 minute auto digital timer.
  • Ideal for making negatives, letterpress printing plates and hot-foiling plates.
  • Thick Base Glass to produce a good quality pressure contact.
  • Built in drawer for controlled post exposure for hardening plates.
  • Moulded Mains Cable, 220/240v., AC., & Water Washout Brush included for the polymer plates.
Brand: Adana
Condition: New
Product Code: ALUV2219
Weight: 5kg